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Intérêts : Direct cooling product nametemperatur?Volume(L)power (w)Size(mm) 2 doors single temperature refrigerator2~8500285630*760*1980 2 doors single temperature freezer(-18~-22)500320630*760*1980 4 doors single temperature refrigerator2-810003851220*760*1980 4 doors single temperature freezer(-18~-22)10004501220*760*1980 4 doors dual-temperature refrigerator and freezer2~8/-18~-2210006501220*760*1980 6 doors single temperature refrigerator2~815806551810*760*1980 6 doors single temperature freezer(-18~-22)15807301810*760*1980 6 doors dual-temperature refrigerator and freezer2~8/-18~-22158010001810*760*1980 Main Features: 1.Thickened high quality stainless steel, pressure-resisting and corrosion-proof, quality reassured and loog using extention. 2.Fierce compressor, fast cooling, energy-saving and low power consumption. 3.New upgraded touch screen thermostat board, using more conveniently. About us ALPS is the leading industry of non-standard customization in LVNI group, which maintains a steady development trend in the fierce market of non-standard customized and personalized freezer around the world. It mainly produces commercial refrigerator which includes mini fridge, wine cooler, kitchen freezer, supermarket freezer, cake display refrigerator, ice maker and ice cream machine. All of those machines are widely used in hotels, restaurants, schools, factory canteens, supermarkets, stores and other commercial company. The wine refrigerator with thermostat of LVNI was officially put into operation in Zhongshan southern town in March 2012. Its monthly minimum production capacity is 1,000 compressor wine refrigerators and 5,000 sets of electronic wine coolers. It also focus on famous wine, cigar storage and maintenance on the world. We have registered and held the brand which are “LVNI”, “Greenlife” and “ailipush”. We have wholesale markets about hotel supplies and kitchen refrigeration equipment in Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, the Pearl River Delta region, Guangxi Guilin, Changsha and Yongzhou, Hunan, Wuhan and Hubei Jingzhou, Hefei, Anhui and other regions. Our service 1. Welcome wholesale orders, support OEM/ODM; 2. For the power supply, our standard product is suitable for 220V/50Hz. It can be customized other power supply according to your requirement. 3. We provide customized services for customers with power, plug, logo, size, style and so on; 4. 24-hour online service; 5. Agents overseas demand, competitive product price and technical support. Project Version Refrigerator And Freezer website:
À propos de moi : Our History Qingdao Bloomtex Garment Co., Ltd was founded in 2010 in Qingdao China, we are a professional, creative and fast growing company. As the pioneer in the design and manufacture of Robes, On
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